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In the current era, the sun is set against the backdrop of the constellation of Virgo during September 17 and October 17. The sun sign is indicative of the manner in which the individual finds expression, for it is the source of the life force. The solar energies absorb and reflect the characteristics of the sign in which the sun finds itself: and the individual born at this time of the year will find that, at heart, he or she embodies Virgoan traits. The other two most important personal factors within the birth chart are the Ascendant and moon. If either of these are positioned within the Virgo field of influence, then the individual will also find that he or she reflects Virgoan traits, as would anyone with Mercury significantly placed in their chart.

Virgo is symbolised by the Virgin, probably so because of their cool manner and methodical ways. This aloof manner is only a partial manifestation of their entire psychological make-up. Rational, intelligent, clear thought comes naturally to Virgo, an ability that is endowed upon them courtesy of Mercury, the natural ruler of their earth sign. One should always make sure of one's facts before challenging a Virgo .... they are never, ever wrong: or at least they believe so. The precision with which their mind operates rarely allows them to tolerate any form of procrastination and stupidity. When everything is so cut and dried, it is difficult for them to understand why others cannot operate in the same manner as themselves. Yet they have the ability to exercise a wonderful mercurial wit.

Virgo’s highly critical attitude not only influences the way in which they view other people's minds, but is also influential in the way they view other areas of life. Perfectionism is a key word for Virgo, demonstrated in their regulated ways and conservative attitudes. Hence, vulgarity, carelessness and lack of hygiene are not easily tolerated. However, Virgo’s critical attitude does not find its limit with others: they often turn this energy inwards and know they are their own worst critic. This is why Virgo generally does not like being criticised by others as they are only too well aware of their own shortcomings. Another interesting factor of the fastidious Virgo character is that although neatness and tidiness are important, it is often possible they are so absorbed with analysing the minuscule details of every situation, that often the immediate environment becomes a disaster area.

Virgoans do tend to worry about the image they project and are thus exacting in grooming, eating, health, work and romance ..... in fact, all areas of their life. Whilst externally appearing capable and cool, they tend to internalise their worries, tying the digestive system in a knot. Virgo’s interest in good health ensures they are particular about their diet, with many being vegetarians. Apart from the digestive problems which commonly plague Virgo, a good standard of health is usually maintained throughout their lifetime, along with a trim figure and a youthful appearance. Virgo’s fussiness concerning hygiene also influences their viewpoint on food preparation so, frequently, hospital level sanitary conditions can he found in the kitchen. Virgo’s concern with health matters will also always ensure they have an adequate, fundamental supply of medical aids, whether their attitudes on medicine are traditional or alternative.

Virgo is a creature of habit with established routines that they do not like to vary, i.e., bulk purchase of any commodity at regular intervals. It should be mentioned that Virgo natives hate to waste anything: part of their super-efficient nature. It would matter little whether it was money, time, or energy that was being regulated; and the obvious deduction from this scenario would be that punctuality is an important factor in life. Virgo also has the ability to say "no" and mean it when situations extend beyond their perception of reasonable. Whilst some may view Virgo as being selfish because of this trait, it is really only the practical side of the nature coming forth. They also have a tendency towards an intense dislike of accepting help from others, giving the guise of independence. Whilst there is a certain generosity extended towards those who deserve and need help, refusing this help from others allows them a feeling of self-sufficiency. Virgo's apparent detachment from need, their ability to view things objectively and analytically also allows them few illusions concerning love and romance. Whilst there is a very strong devotion to the ones they love, they can coolly step back from almost any situation and view it with minimal emotion. So, in their romantic life, gushy sentimentalism really has no place.

© Copyright, Alison Moroney, 1990