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In the current era, the sun is set against the backdrop of the constellation of Scorpio during November 16 and December 16. The sun sign is indicative of the manner in which the individual finds expression, for it is the source of the life force. The solar energies absorb and reflect the characteristics of the sign in which the sun finds itself: and the individual born at this time of the year will find that, at heart, he or she embodies Scorpion traits. The other two most important personal factors within the birth chart are the Ascendant and Moon. If either of these are positioned within the Scorpio field of influence, then the individual will also find that he or she reflects Scorpion traits, as would anyone with Pluto significantly placed in their chart.

Scorpio is symbolised by both the scorpion and the eagle. The Scorpio person, like their symbolism, has both the ability for self-destruction and to soar high and free. However, to be free like the eagle, the Scorpio person must first experience self-transformation on a voyage to the depths of one's being. It is here that the realisation takes place of the enormous energies and powers contained within the personality and life itself. A realisation that these energies can be redirected from their destructive potential into a positive, constructive form, is also a necessity.

There is a deep emotionalism that is the mark of Scorpio. They feel things at the very core of their being and, in doing so, feel a vulnerability to the forces that surround them. In an effort to protect themselves, they become very secretive and never reveal to anyone their innermost state of being. This attitude tends to carry over into other areas of life, coming across as a lack of trust in others. This deep whirlpool of emotions often gives rise to feelings of jealousy, passion, resentment and hate. If someone lets Scorpio down, they are not likely to forgive or to forget. Their emotions do not usually allow them to let go. In this manner they can drift towards possessiveness and obsessional attitudes. It is important for the Scorpio individual to realise that if they cannot control these emotions, the innate self-destructiveness will eventually dominate, denying them the power and freedom of the eagle. It is necessary to understand the "depths of hell" before one can understand and appreciate the "heights of heaven". It is for this reason that the Scorpio person is forced to face himself or herself, for only in so doing will he or she ever be able to experience the transformation necessary before the harvest of life can be reaped.

Scorpio’s ability to reach the core of matters is powered by their incredible perceptive ability. It is extremely difficult for someone to pull the wool over their eyes. This ability is also laterally related to a strong interest in the occult and the afterlife. It is important for Scorpio to establish, in their own mind, a reason for the natural flux of life and death, which is linked to a cause and effect for everything. The occult delves into the mysteries of life and provides the answers to life's many vexing questions. Having found the answers to these questions, Scorpio then has tremendous transformative energies and power at their disposal. Even before they have reached a state of total awareness, the potential for attaining transformation only lies dormant within until the keys are firmly grasped.

Pluto has a strong association with sexuality and, as it is the ruler of Scorpio, people born under its influence will express a strong interest in sex. Sexuality is an integral part of human nature, allowing one to experience the core of being and savour the potential for transformation. For the Scorpio person, whose nature is already intense, sexuality is thus an important mode of self-expression. If fulfillment in this area of life is denied, then the forces within the individual become potentially explosive.

The intensity of Scorpio’s nature is also expressed in a desire to achieve. For the goals they for themselves, Scorpio is prepared to work determinedly and tenaciously. They look at life as a challenge, and are stubborn and courageous enough to their ambitions. No one can possibly deny the tenacity and ambition of Scorpio’s nature. In their determination, Scorpio is extremely hard on themselves. As such high standards have been set for themselves, they also expect the same high standards of others; and Scorpio finds it difficult to understand why others cannot live up to their expectations. When this harshness of attitude is not controlled, it may find expression as stinging sarcasm and an explosive temper. Watch out for that little black cloud which seems to hang around them! At times, Scorpio feels like a seething volcano within; and when their anger finds expression, the object of displeasure certainly knows it. Because Scorpio generally realises that such a temper must he con trolled, they direct much energy in this direction and often give the impression of self-reserve. Indeed, this is Scorpio’s means of self preservation.

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