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In the current era, the sun is set against the backdrop of the constellation of Libra during October 17 and November 16. The sun sign is indicative of the manner in which the individual finds expression, for it is the source of the life force. The solar energies absorb and reflect the characteristics of the sign in which the sun finds itself: and the individual born at this time of the year will find that, at heart, he or she embodies Libran traits. The other two most important personal factors within the birth chart are the Ascendant and moon. If either of these are positioned within the Libra field of influence, then the individual will also find that he or she reflects Libran traits, as would anyone with Venus significantly placed in their chart.

Libra is symbolised by the Scales, and the obvious message from this symbol is balance. This state of harmony is extremely important to Libra because they cannot function without it, either internally or externally. Thus it is they seek to harmonise their surroundings in every possible way, from relationships to the physical environment. Peace is the natural result of harmony and, because of this need for harmonic balance, Libra strives to maintain it at all costs, making them easy people to be around. Strife and trouble tend to upset their delicately balanced emotional equilibrium. In times of crisis, Libra has a tendency to be indecisive. In fact, most decision making times represent a form of crisis as Libra absolutely hates having to make choices. This is so because of their desire to please everyone and their dislike having to say "no". As a result, Libra tries to avoid situations such as these. Libra is also concerned with the balance of justice, something that they actively integrate into daily life by a fair approach to those around them. However, this also contributes to their indecisiveness and is an ever present influence in their attempts to maintain peace within their sphere of influence. Despite the difficulties that Libra may often face in this regard, they continue to seek to uphold the principles of righteousness in their own way.

The sign of Libra endows upon its natives a pleasant manner: and it is a rarity to find a Libran with a coarse attitude to life. There is a charm in Libra's ways as their romantic and refined nature pave the way for relaxed and friendly relationships, whether platonic or otherwise. The desire for love and peace naturally finds expression in Libra's approach to life. Relationships are important because the need and ability to express love come easily to them, simultaneously catering for the emotional security they crave. Many natives of this sign spend plenty of time dreaming about their ideal love. They can be such romanticists, tending to "look at life through rose coloured glasses" and experiencing difficulties in finding any fault with their partner.

Libra has an artistic and creative flair and, as such, has the potential to make a living where creativity is an essential prerequisite. Libra also performs well in positions involving public relations, if other factors in the chart provide reinforcement. They have a great deal of appreciation for the finer elements of culture such as art, music, literature; and, in their immediate environment will endeavour to surround themselves with these harmonising influences. The Libran home is usually tastefully decorated and a haven from the abrasive elements of the outside world. They also enjoy entertaining friends within the home. To achieve all of these creature comforts obviously takes money and, really, that is all the only value money has to them.

Libra's nature is extremely sensitive and so they display strong qualities of compassion, generosity and idealism. Where possible, Libra will try to help others in need because of an ability to empathise with others. On the other hand, Libra's nature is so sensitive that where their efforts to seek harmony, fulfillment and love are stifled, they feel the loneliness and disillusionment much more severely than most others would. Libra's temperament is also flavoured by a strong sentimental streak, finding it difficult to let go of the past and the memories of what once was. This is the reason that many Librans collect all forms of memorabilia. When carried to the extreme, the result is a person who has bower bird characteristics.

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