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In the current era, the sun is set against the backdrop of the constellation of Leo during August 17 and September 17. The sun sign is indicative of the manner in which the individual finds expression, for it is the source of the life force. The solar energies absorb and reflect the characteristics of the sign in which the sun finds itself: and the individual born at this time of the year will find that, at heart, he or she embodies Leonian traits. The other two most important personal factors within the birth chart are the Ascendant and moon. If either of these are positioned within the Leo field of influence, then the individual will also find that he or she reflects Leonian traits, as would anyone with the sun significantly placed in their chart.

The sun is the centre of the solar system and is representative of power and strength .... a source from whence all life proceeds. Since the sun is the natural ruler of Leo, the person born at this time of the year not only has the desire to be the centre of attention, but is also a person who carries an air of authority and strength. The Leo person is a natural born leader, and it is obvious to all that he or she has a natural aura of inner confidence. Because of these capacities, Leo’s potential for achievement is great. In the slipstream created by their desire for success, Leo will draw others along, inspiring them with their own self confidence. Leo natives generally have a sunny disposition, and are warm-hearted and extremely generous to the point of extravagance. Leo is always willing to put themselves out to help other people. Perhaps this also panders their own feelings of self-importance because they are very susceptible to flattery.

Leo is very good at rationalising and loves to brag to others about their life: that is why they make good politicians. In their relationships, Leo is extremely loving, affectionate and flamboyant in the expression of love. They are also faithful and trusting ... and this is evidenced in their rather naive attitude to life. Because they are prepared to give so generously and whole heartedly, they naturally expect the same in return. Often this is not forthcoming and, when this situation arises, they are easily hurt. Passion is certainly an important feature in the life of a Leo: life without love would be devastating for someone who places so much importance on the affairs of the heart.

The Lion is symbolic of Leo and he is often referred to as the "King of the Beasts". The regality of such a noble creature is evident in the poise and dignity of the Leo bearing. Frequently the "mane" of hair (usually fine and plentiful) is a noticeable feature of the Leo person. Leos also have a delightfully lazy look about them like the "cat who got the cream". When they walk everyone is sure to notice their proud and commanding air. A strong will is one of their natural traits; and this is prominent in their fixity of purpose and reliability of opinions and principles. This trait also manifests in extreme stubbornness so, once the they have made up their mind, it is extremely difficult to sway them from their fixed stance. However, there is a positive side to every trait and it is displayed in the Leo prowess and courage throughout difficulties, extending to a willingness to protect those less fortunate than themselves.

The good life, beautiful things and luxury seem to be an integral part of their way of life because of the Leo grandeur of thinking. If they do not have these things, they certainly feel that they deserve them, for the Leo person loves to live in style .... and they most certainly excellent hosts. Money is of little importance to the average Leo as it is merely a tool to achieve the beauty which is desired. It is easy to see why they are so extravagant with money when such a desire for excellence and generosity combine together so powerfully.

Depth and breadth of vision are also qualities of Leo. It is not often they are prepared to become involved with the nitty gritty of any situation, and they would rather delegate that duty to other capable hands. Leo has a far greater ability in the visualisation of the overall situation, indicating their suitability to management where organisational abilities are essential. This same influence that endows Leo with such a broad perspective also predisposes them to an intense dislike of pettiness and small mindedness. Given the full potential to realise their great ambitions, Leo can head successfully along any path desired. Leo has a feeling of righteous superiority and many superb abilities. However, if frustrated, the negative characteristics of this sign can come to the fore in the form of snobbery, dominance, arrogance, conceit and megalomania. What a waste of talents when this occurs, for Leo is a naturally magnanimous person.

© Copyright, Alison Moroney, 1990