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In the current era, the sun is set against the backdrop of the constellation of Aries during April 14 and May 15. The sun sign is indicative of the manner in which the individual finds expression, for it is the source of the life force. The solar energies absorb and reflect the characteristics of the sign in which the sun finds itself: and the individual born at this time of the year will find that, at heart, he or she embodies Arian traits. The other two most important personal factors within the birth chart are the Ascendant and moon. If either of these are positioned within the Aries field of influence, then the individual will also find that he or she reflects Arian traits, as would anyone with Mars significantly placed in their chart.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, and all that this planet symbolises is characteristic of the Aries individual. Mars was the Roman god of war and has always represented the masculine principle. Energy, courage, desire and the Ego are all connected with this imagery. As Arians, these basic principles are embodied in their personalities and activity is the key to their way of life. If for any reason Aries is thwarted, their impatient nature flares showing possession of quite a temper. The saving grace is that the same source of these discordant energies provides Aries with agility, courage and quickness of action, which can save many a difficult situation.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is also a fire sign. This being so, Arians embrace a certain naiveté and freshness in one's approach to life in much the same way as children. However, for the same reasons, Arians can also be very demanding in nature, continually want to be placed first. The fire sign lends a warmth to the manner of the Aries individual and, as an Aries, those born under this sign are extremely outgoing, with the zest and curiosity that characterise youth. There are no disguises, as children wear no disguises. Aries can be straightforward in tackling their objectives and they have the self confidence to pursue their desires.

Aries has no fear in chasing their rainbow. It is rather like learning to walk: when Aries falls over they just pick themselves up, brush their knees and keep on going. This concentration on oneself can give rise to a certain amount of selfishness in the Arian nature. This is not deliberate because Arians are genuinely warm, loving people with the best of intentions. It is just that Aries does not always stop to take time and consider all the implications of their actions. Aries is an impatient individual, and this contributes to the quickness with which they deal with situations Sometimes they fail to take in all the facts, and this leads to the possibility of error. This, for Aries, is not of major importance. The fact that they have tried their best, in their own unique style, is all that counts, even 'though they hate losing.

In the same way Aries approaches most situations, that is with little patience, they boldly approach any challenge. The Arian attitude is liberal and they frequently enjoy stimulating conversations as an outlet for their abundant energy. Not always thinking about the repercussions of the spoken word frequently leads to some rather tactless comments …. but then Aries does not believe in procrastination. There is sometimes a certain instability evidenced in the Arian character, but this is mostly due to a desire to experience life. There is a lot of living to he done and, like the young and young-at-heart, Aries possesses an eagerness to experience life to the fullest. When combining this natural enthusiasm with a realistic approach to life, it is then relatively easy for Aries to achieve their ideals.

The physical characteristics of the Arian individual reflects the personality. The features are generally well defined as are the opinions. The hair is generally fair or red, and this corresponds to the nature of the fiery personality. Arian strength is evidenced in 'the bone structure and the breadth of the shoulders, evidencing that Aries generally feels capable of taking on the world. In spite of the strong features and personality, the average Arian cannot stand pain ... this comes a little too close to the ego, as Aries hates to be seen in their weakest moments. Aries likes to face the world for there is so much living to be done and so much in the offing. Aries has a tremendous amount of faith in themselves and in the world at large. Life is a wonderful challenge and there can be no mountain too high to climb or no river too wide to cross. All obstacles can be surmounted and the Aries person is just the one to show the rest of the world how to do it.

© Copyright, Alison Moroney, 1990