saturn ... the building blocks of life

Each of us, in varying areas of life, must face certain responsibilities and burdens. This is inescapable. Instead of considering the self burdened with the difficulties of life, we must consider ourselves rich with the experiences of life and put them to good solid use. This is the basic key to understanding the function of Saturn in our lives, and then being able to make positive application towards the achievement of individual success. To bemoan one's fate or life, to look upon the Saturnine elements as negative, only serves to draw in negative energy patterns and hence, negative results.Saturn

It is up to each of us as individuals to draw upon the knowledge of positive application of Saturnine traits, events and situations in order to utilise them for good. In so doing, we rise above the negativity, and the unrealised power of the mind to incorporate the power of that negativity into physical form. Once we have realised that every human being has a right to health, wealth and happiness, then we can begin our path towards success. There is no need to take this from others (through stealing, and other perverse forms of activity), as the necessities of life are always within our reach. In practicality this concept works, once we understand the way in which this world operates.

Building Blocks of Life

The nature of Saturn is thus that it is the process which establishes the building blocks of life through experience. There is no doubt that these can provide troublesome moments for us all. However, this is more likely to arise when one tries to avoid the responsibilities that one must face in life. In attention to these responsibilities the burdens are eased and true freedom is found. When one lays the foundation to life and builds upon that foundation, if attention is given to the correct application at each relevant stage, then the resultant structure will withstand any challenges which are forced upon it. If the structural foundation is weak, then it will crumble beneath both inner and outer stresses.

The first place to look for clues as to the personal responsibility of each individual is in the natal chart. It is here that the seed for life was sown and planted, and it is here that our roots or foundations were established. With many people, because of difficult childhood circumstances, the difficulties have already begun before they are in a position to take control of their lives. However, this does not mean that one's foundations are awry forever. Instead, once a realisation for potential is discovered, one should then consider the wealth of experience that the great teacher, Saturn has endowed upon them. New foundations can always be laid, with previous experience providing the knowledge to build a stronger and better life. Let us not forget that "today is the first day of the rest of our lives". For those who had protection from such harsh realities during childhood, wisdom from experience will come: and the opportunity to build a solid foundation for success is possible through self knowledge, understanding and the example of those who have trod this path before us viz, our parents, guardians or teachers. The position of Saturn by natal house and sign position, and the aspects made thereto, is the first key to knowledge of one's own house.

A Question of Positive or Negative

Although many of us have the mark of traditionally "negative" aspects, one must look anew at the implications of negativity in association with these, as the same powerful aspects equally have the potential for "positive" success. However, in such instances, it is necessary to visualise these aspects in a new light. Old labels must be abandoned for a new, more scientific approach to the subject. The traditionally negative aspects are "kinetic", containing the greatest momentum for change. Because the power of this momentum is so great, one must learn how to handle it with expertise ... and this is where life is a great teacher, if we allow ourselves to be taught. One's sense of timing, endurance, perseverance and sense of responsibility or esteem may need to be realigned if there is a "negative" aspect within the chart. In ignoring the primary Saturnian indications, one will find oneself propelled along their particular path anyway, but out of control. It is therefore essential to take control of these energies.

Those that have the more "positive" or "potential" aspects of Saturn in their natal charts have a natural talent at handling these energies, perhaps because the force of energy is not so urgent within their lives. The positive aspects indicate a natural balance and control in these areas associated with Saturn rulership. There can equally be a negative side to the traditionally positive aspects, in that apathy and laziness can detract from the full application of individual talent.Saturn

The Continuing Learning Experience

So it is also with the directions of and to Saturn, whether by transit or progression. Its changing position throughout our life can indicate where opportunities for new foundations and responsibilities are to be met and established, although the primary responsibility will always be based upon it's position in the natal chart. Once one starts to realise that a proper balance can be achieved in life through facing problems and responsibilities head on, the traditionally negative directions start producing dynamically positive results. Whilst there may be some stress under negative forces, the results will always be positive and the distress minimal or non existent, because the foundations were laid on rock. So, the second key to handling Saturnine energies is to look to its progress through one's natal chart.

Opposition may be prevalent, or obstacles may have to be overcome with time and endurance and a correct sense of responsibility during the kinetic aspects. Opportunities may be missed or simply do not exist at the time of application, and one must therefore expect delays to the embodiment of one's plans and applications. This is where the Saturn return is so important, as we have a wealth of experience in all directions with which to lay new foundations, or to reap the benefits of those that were previously laid.

The application of knowledge in astrological methods is fairly standard. Therefore, for example, Saturn in the first house or Aries can be dealt with in a similar fashion, whether radical or by direction. It is in this manner then that each of the signs and houses will be dealt with. Consideration must always also be given to house rulerships as well.

Saturn in Aries/First House

Whilst traditionally there have been negative's associated with Saturn in the first house, there is a need to look at the positive manifestation of Saturn and it's application to daily life. As this position of Saturn draws attention to one's immediate personal needs and character, it is necessary to define one's responsibilities and to restructure one's perception of oneself in order to deal with the path that circumstance and fate has laid before the individual. Fate certainly gives time over to the individual to do this, as during the period Saturn is installed in the first house, a sense of loneliness is a common feature. Responsibilities may seem heavy (in association with the house accidentally ruled by Capricorn and the accidental house placement of radical Saturn), but these serve to fashion and mold the personality out of raw material. This is the starting point.

As the natural abundant energies of the Arian position are limited and confined, the path in life can be very narrow, increasing the momentum of realisation. This can be an advantage as the choices seem to have already been made for the individual. To utilise these energies to the best advantage, the individual needs to accept these responsibilities and to work hard towards the successful management of them. This is the only path towards greater freedom in life: this path is the realisation of one's destiny. Thus the building blocks of the next twenty eight years of life are established.

Personal security is very important during this Saturn phase: and viewing this from a positive standpoint, instinctively it will be known what is necessary to secure that protection. Whilst time is an important factor in the achievement of the desired position in life, the steps towards achievement are endurance, application and the establishment of necessities in an order of priority. One must have one's own house in order before the first steps towards success can be steadily taken. It should also be remembered, as one starts their journey towards fulfillment, that it is okay to stumble and fall along the way. The important thing to understand is that we must get up and try again, just as a child does when they are learning to walk.

Saturn in Taurus/Second House:

This phase of Saturn is associated with the establishment of morals as well as financial security. Saturn's presence here will certainly provide the motivation to examine the needs and methods to secure and establish foundations in these areas of life. Challenges will therefore arise in relation to both ethics and finances which will then force the individual to establish new, reliable foundations in these areas or to reaffirm old and proven methods. Nothing will be handed to the individual on a plate during this phase, with experiences coming through grappling to maintain a steady balance and even pace with income and morality at this time of life.

Once again the path is narrow and confined, giving the individual but a few options to pursue in the establishment of financial security. The financial and moral codes that develop during this time will do so only after considerable effort and application, accompanied by time for the seedling to take root. The keys to success in establishing material possessions then lay the foundation towards the next phase of life.Saturn

Saturn in Gemini/Third House:

This is a testing time for one's ideas as to whether or not they have practical application to daily life. Now is the time to examine the routine management of life as well as daily interaction with others. There may be limited opportunities to communicate with others, or blockages around these areas forcing the individual to re-assess his relationships with others, his method of communication, thoughts and ideas. Initially, one tends to fall back on old methods which may no longer be applicable because old methods may easily get one into a rut. For this reason it is likely to be of benefit to study the thoughts of others who have established credibility: hence, there may be private studies in communication, philosophies and daily ritual. Others may need to fall back on advice from older and wiser associates. Where old ideas and patterns crumble, then it is time to let them go and reform new ideas and beliefs, based on one's daily experiences of life. Where ideas are valid, then it is a time to reinforce them with renewed application.

Saturn in Cancer/Fourth House:

Saturn's presence in the fourth house indicates the need to examines one's past activities, particularly those in the past seven years. If the foundations were laid well, any challenges which arise at this time will only serve to solidify one's base which is now centred around the family and home. Those foundations which were awry are very likely to crumble at this time, paving the way and providing new opportunities to re-establish one's self. Obviously, in the latter instance especially, there will be much hard work associated with progress in life. However, the aim is to establish a firm basis in the home to support future applications in the rise towards success. Relationships with family members as well as the establishment of a physical home where one feels secure are of utmost importance during this stage. Responsibilities will be great, but so will be the rewards if one willingly takes on those responsibilities.

Saturn in Leo/Fifth House:

Having established the basics of life so far, one is now ready to forge a creative expression of the self. Some may do this in the artistic sense; most adults forge their path through romance and children. At this time in life, responsibilities and needs are impressed upon one to leave an indelible mark, which may be either negative or positive. The important element of this phase is to learn not to run away from the lessons life is trying to teach here, but to stand firm and face them. In order to achieve the richness of relationships with others, one must also handle the responsibilities of such associations in a routine and systematic manner.

This house is also representative of that first phase when we stepped out of our home and faced new deep relationships with others outside of the immediate family circle. To be able to form permanent commitments to others, one must come to an understanding of relationships through experience. Relationships and children also carry with them responsibilities, and it is through the realisation of these that our creative side finds a practical realisation. Saturn in Virgo/Sixth House:

Our creative side, having found expression through the development of our talents and relationships outside the family circle, is now ready for application in the form of work. Saturn in the sixth house represents the solidification of work opportunities through constant application and experience. It is also a time to balance one's responsibilities so that it does not impinge too heavily on one's health. Therefore, equally, this is a time to separate your responsibilities from others, and to learn to say "no" to that which is not yours.

One's own needs in the physical sense and in grappling the issues of responsibility, are the seeds which are being sown now. This path should be fairly clearly defined as to the responsibilities which are yours to shoulder. Those that willingly apply themselves towards this end should start to feel a lessening of the load, as experience has now molded a fairly substantial individual ready to take on the world. These opportunities will manifest as Saturn enters the seventh house.

Saturn in Libra/Seventh House:

Saturn's presence in this house/sign indicates the need to turn one's attention to cementing relationships with others in all forms. Now is the time to draw on the previous fourteen years of personal experiences and make application in the outer world. This cycle will bring success if one has tackled the previous six areas of experience and laid solid foundations. If there has been some fault in the structure built up until this point in time, then there may be difficulties in one's relationships with others. Most certainly, at this point, challenges from others will arise that will test the strength of the foundations of your life.

With hard work and perseverance it is possible to forge and cement some very significant relationships, including marriage and business partnerships, which will serve as a solid basis for your future interaction in the outside world. If the structure one has built crumbles under the challenge, then serious consideration must be given to relinquishing former associations and ideas in an effort to rebuild from new experiences. It is never too late to make modifications and repairs to one's life.

Saturn in Scorpio/Eighth House:

This stage of the cycle now brings one to a point where it is possible to probe the depths of one's being, having accumulated both a degree of maturity and experience. Once again one's values are being tested, strengthened and reinforced in the positive sense, but through one's associations with others. This is the testing ground of one's experiences in both morality and material soundness of possessions. If the basis is firm, it is strengthened by the challenges which arise at this time. If the basis is flawed then one should take a serious look at these flaws and make rectification. These tests may consist of financial limitations and perhaps personal loss which forces one to open one's eyes to knowledge which was previously obscure. However, if one has already been aware of one's motivations and the psychology of interaction, then this cycle may bring success when one reaps the material and psychological benefits of years of hard work.

Saturn in Sagittarius/Ninth House:

Saturn here tends to cement one's system of beliefs, one's experiences of life through experience in many affairs of life. Educational achievements, legal and public success, spiritual realisations are some of the fruits which may be picked from the tree of life if it has been properly nurtured. One's ideas which were laid whilst Saturn transited Gemini/third house are brought to fulfillment and their greatest height through the practical and expanded application of these ideas. This acts in much the same way as junior education paving the way for tertiary education through solid application over the years. One's behavioural patterns in daily life may also be tested or benefits reaped through legal and public successes. One's philosophies in life which sprang from daily encounters, reach full maturity at this point. Once again, if previous ideas and methods of expression crack under any pressure which may arise at this point in time, then it is time for modification.

Saturn in Capricorn/Tenth House:

Saturn's presence in the house and sign of it's rulership is an extremely potent force. This can represent the peak of success for all the cumulative experiences to this point in time. Whatever, your direction in life may be, this is it's point of realisation: and will certainly manifest if one has managed to learn each of the lessons of life relating to personality, morality, ideas, family, creativity, responsibility; and has managed to apply them successfully in life to our relationships, balanced them with other's values and ideas. It should be remembered that it matters not if we have stumbled as we have trod our pathway in life, as mistakes are part of the experience of learning. If one has also managed to draw from these experiences and to have made modifications to the necessities which arose, then success is still assured.

Quite naturally this position carries with it a great deal of responsibility and certainly there will be challenges to the path you have chosen. Once again, experience is strength. Stability, endurance will help one ride any wave of opposition to success. On the other hand, if one has not managed to pull together the various factors of one's personal life and application to others, then this can be a time of serious testing where one must make major overhauls in preparation for the next Saturn cycle.

Saturn in Aquarius/Eleventh House:

Saturn was the old ruler of Aquarius and so it's energies will manifest quite naturally in this house. In the positive sense, as one has built a fairly solid path through a knowledge of oneself and others, and established a degree of financial security; this is now a time where one has the opportunity to solidify friendships, develop aspirations which were previously not of the greatest priority; to develop one's creativity and financial position. It is also a time where one has the opportunity to become involved in more humane endeavours as home and family are now secure. Once again these factors of life may be tested, but the seeds which were sown whilst Saturn transited Leo/fifth house will now be brought to full maturity. If those seeds were malformed or not nurtured, then this is a time when one will also reap the benefits of one's lack of endeavour and direction. Therefore, for some, this can be a time where friendships are tested and fail, where previous aspirations crumble and where one's financial position may deteriorate. For these it is important not to despair, but to spend time alone reviewing and restructuring life's aspirations: in accordance with this, friendships may have to be relinquished as one prepares new ground for new growth.

Saturn in Pisces/Twelfth House:

One's own needs in the physical sense and in grappling the issues of responsibility, were the seeds which were laid when Saturn was in Virgo/sixth house. Those seeds will now reach their full development, wherever they were sown. Saturn's presence here before the start of a major new cycle is a time where one should allow the ground to lay fallow in an effort to allow nutrients to return to the soil for the new cycle of growth which is to begin as Saturn once again enters Aries/First house. To start major initiatives at this time would be fairly foolish, as the opportunity for success in an outward sense is simply not available or inappropriate. Therefore, this is a time where one must turn their application from outward successes after the harvest, towards an application of the spiritual essence of one's nature. If one flows naturally with these needs, then this can represent a time when dreams are brought to reality. One is also truly able to direct positive energies of experience towards helping others who may be in need.

Those who fail to recognise the spiritual challenge of Saturn at this time in their lives may have it thrust upon them in strong associations with the needy, sick and confined. Those who have not recognised the potential of Saturn in their outward lives may experience tremendous frustration at the lack of opportunity to be in control and attain recognition for their efforts. The timing of such an individual therefore needs to be adjusted. These individuals still need to face their past, deal with their psyche in a gentle, yet disciplined, manner. In the quiet of this time, it is possible for wounds to be healed and to be born anew as Saturn's return to Aries will provide a fresh testing ground, new experiences and opportunity if one is prepared to meet the challenge. The Second Cycle:

Wherever Saturn falls in the natal chart is the main focus of direction, destiny and responsibility for the entire lifetime. Saturn's progress through the chart will intimately connect to this point. We have brought with us the seeds of lessons from previous lives to be redeveloped in this life, or as the formation of the basis for the next phase of development.

Life is not as harsh as some would imagine. Saturn, the great teacher through experience, allows most of us another opportunity to reach for success within the one lifetime. At each stage throughout the cycle we are able to take control of our path and our destiny. It is up to the individual to realise that each person is responsible for both his success and failures, and the decisions which set us on these paths. One cannot blame others for success, failure or lack of opportunity. We each have a particular destiny to fulfill, and a lesson to learn in this current lifetime. Those who fail to do so, carry the seeds of their failure to the next life. Equally, those who manage to cultivate their destinies to harvest will also carry the seeds of their success to their new life.

Copyright, Alison Moroney, 1993

First published in "Astrological Monthly Review" in 1993.