fate....a matter of freewill

The argument has always raged on over this apparent paradox; and yet in all paradoxes there is an ultimate truth. The two facets of every paradox are inextricably linked together, as they are in this instance. So what is the truth of this matter? How can both concepts co-exist: one which says that man has no control over his destiny; the other which states that he has the free will to choose?

In fact these concepts are the two sides of the same coin. One simply cannot exist without the other, as day cannot exist without night, reality without illusion, or yin without yang. By what stick would we measure the other? Why is it that man must always measure? Is it not possible that both have their place within reality?

The universe is based upon a concept of relativity: whilst the universe has an impact upon the individual, the individual also has an impact on the universe. Each individual is the audience, the actor and the stage rolled into one. None can be separated from the other. None can function without the other. He is both the observer and the observed. No truer words were spoken than " No man is an island unto himself ". He is the fabric of society into which he is born; and it was also the pre-existent conditions of society which drew him to the moment of his "birth". It is also interesting to note that the word "individual" which conjures up ideas of total uniqueness of each creative being has it's roots in the Latin, meaning not divisible. One might ask indivisible from what? The universe, viz, the whole system of things?

The truth that man is moulded to a certain extent by his environment, that each man embodies all his beliefs, experiences, hereditary and conditioning up to any given point in time exists side by side with the other truth: that every man moulds his own destiny, whether it be by active decision or an inherent inability to act on a decision. This is so because the seed of creation exists within us all, whether the individual is conscious of this power or not.

How much more control of one's life does one have, if the knowledge is there that such control exists within one's own heart and mind? And how much more pitiful is it to observe one who has no faith in their ability to change anything? The belief, whatever it may be, then becomes a self fulfilling destiny.

One might ask how does this creative power manifest? The only time in which this seed of creativity may be planted is the "now" of current reality: for tomorrow never comes and yesterday never was. If the basis of the current action is correct, then the fruit of such endeavours will be good. The reverse is also true, with error breeding error. Therefore the knowledge of what is correct and belief in the self is all that is needed to ensure success. Furthermore error can be recognised, giving hope to those yet to discover their ultimate potential; for in the recognition of error it no longer exists.

Failure to grasp the potential of creation leads to a frittering away of energies and potentials .... and perhaps a lifetime of ineffectiveness. Those that take up the challenge that is offered to them by life, no matter what the circumstances may be into which they were born, are the ones who reap success. It matters very little that one is born without the apparent advantage of wealth; some or our greatest, only have the richness of experience and faith in themselves as a guide. Success is a very individualised thing: the ultimate success must be that one grows rich with the experiences of life, no matter what that life might be.

Copyright, Alison Moroney, 1991

First published in "Astrological Monthly Review" in 1991.