energising your life through the aspects

Astrology is now coming of age once again. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica it was the first known science to man; and the archaic idea that the planets and stars make things happen must be discarded with the realisation that astrology is a science as well as an art. It must therefore conform to basic scientific principles. In reality, there is no division between science and metaphysics; there only appears to be a division because the minds of men have categorised everything. In doing so, they have created barriers which, in totality, do not exist. In time this will be shown to be so.conjunction

Energy Patterns

In understanding the various aspects and their application to practical astrology, one must also understand the nature of the various types of energy. The reason for this is that the astrological chart is a map of energy patterns at any given time and given place on the earth. The earth is caught up in the constant flux of gravitational pull within this solar system, and indeed within greater space, either being subject to them or causational. The earth's electromagnetic field is subject to the pull of gravity just as light is also subject to gravitational forces.

The laws of mathematics are obviously an essential part of astrology; but so too are those of physics. Already the third law of Newton's has been transmuted to a metaphysical understanding, i.e., that "for every force there is always an equal and opposite force acting on another body" has already been appropriately related to karma. But this concept goes further than that. In the physical sense this can be related to the gravitational pull between the planets; and hence the importance of the varying aspects between the planets.

But what is energy? The word "energy" comes from the Greek word "energeia" meaning "in work". Therefore its essence is activity, the potential for activity, or anything to do with the exertion of activity such as force. It can be categorised into two basic types: these being kinetic energy and potential energy. Kinetic energy actually is energy in motion. Its root word from the Greek language actually means "movement". Potential energy possessed by an object is it's potential to do work, or to utilise kinetic energy. Therefore, for example, an object at a great height has maximum potential energy for if it were to fall kinetic energy would be utilised in it's movement.

Kinetic Aspects

Traditionally the aspects have been categorised into two basic types: dynamic/harmonic or malefic/benefic. The dynamic aspects are those that actually produce results, activity and dramatic evolution viz, the conjunction, square and opposition. Because these aspects and the circumstances surrounding them are quite often dramatic, they have wrongly been labelled malefic. The only malice which comes out of such circumstances is produced in the attitudes of men. Change is good and appropriate as a natural force of evolution. It is only when resistance is created through attitudes that apparent trouble begins. However, when one flows with the need for change, with the natural evolutionary forces, one is able to gain maximum achievement from this particular type of energy wave.

We already flow with time, which is merely a measurement of change. If one is adaptable and ready as with time schedules, one is literally able to ride the wave all the way into the shore instead of only making it part of the way. The key to success is to accept the necessity for change, to consciously choose the point of maximum momentum for change and to ride acrest the wave rather than being dumped to the bottom by the inevitable forces which surround us. The traditional judgment of good/evil has no relevance in such matters as judgments tend to be purely subjective. One must be existential in attitude and allow oneself the maximum utilisation of the current moment.

conjunctionThe conjunction itself is a time for new projects, for initiation of these projects on the part of the individual. Whether it is recognised or not, there is an inevitability about the start of this new cycle as the individual feels compelled to walk along this new path. In some instances circumstances might seem intolerable, and the individual feels forced to start afresh; in other instances, the time is happily right for such a new beginning. Much depends on the planetary significators involved.

conjunctionThe square indicates obstacles to the continuation of a particular evolutionary cycle. During such a time it is difficult to be objective about the issues involved, because it strikes at the root of one's being as well as challenging the direction in which one is headed. Hence, the inherent emotionalism in the individual is likely to be overly active and issues may be clouded. The best way to handle these situations is also to allow the emotionalism to exist, since repressing it only exacerbates the emotion. However, one must not take any action based on this emotionalism, nor can it be intellectualised. The emotion must be followed through on an emotional level until it has exhausted itself. Then the way for further development becomes apparent of it's own accord.

conjunctionThe opposition by nature suggests separative forces which will either bring a climax or anticlimax to a situation. It can represent the peak of achievement or the downfall, dependant upon the strength and appropriateness of the basis to the current evolutionary cycle. Whilst opposition from others might be evident, where the base is straight, true and unflawed, this opposition will carry one on to the peak of success. Where the groundwork was incomplete or awry, then the peak will crumble from lack of support.

Therefore one should welcome such opposition for in the first instance it is the momentum which will carry one to the peak of success. In the second instance, it enables one to learn a valuable lesson about life. In the latter instance one must be prepared to let go of anything which is inappropriate to life, even though one might feel overwhelmed by opposition and frustration. The emotionalism generated here must also be allowed expression on the emotional level; it must also be allowed to exhaust itself so that one can then go onto the preparatory stage for the next cycle without any encumbrances from the past.

Potential Aspects

The harmonic aspects viz, the sextile and trine, may be categorised as a potential energy type. They represent a natural form of evolution without the aforementioned drama of the kinetic types. They are the embodiment of Newton's first law: a body remains at rest or continues to move with constant velocity unless acted upon by some external force.

conjunctionDuring times when these aspects are operational, one should continue on course with the natural development of projects or situations as indicated within the stellar patterns; they are not times for total new beginnings. Perhaps a change of direction or a peak within a continuing development is indicated. Many people do nothing with such aspects because they have no power of themselves, and are not motivated; it is only when the "object" is pushed over the incline, that the potential of the project or situation is realised from these aspects. Therefore an outside active force, i.e., kinetic aspect must motivate the potential aspect into motion. Otherwise it must draw on it's own momentum (of a situation already in progress) to develop further.

conjunctionThe sextile aspect itself must always produce the opportunity for discussion, comment , social interaction and the development of ideas in the continuing evolution of a situation. The trine aspect will produce the creativity necessary to enhance the evolutionary process, as well as social, professional and mental interaction necessary for continuing growth. Both points are times when one is able to recognise the possibilities of a situation and to reap intermediatory successes from an ongoing situation. One should therefore be happy with progress to date on the issues involved, and should be able to expand on developments.

Zero Potential Aspects

In approaching the minor aspects such as the semisextile, semisquare, sesquiquadrate, quincunx, septile and quincunx it must be realised that they have zero potential energy. It is as if the potential for these aspects were totally removed from the realm of any external force. In physical terms they represent an inability to manifest in physical action.

Whilst having an existence, because they are incapable of manifestation in their own right, they represent points and times of frustration: an inability to alter circumstances even though one might recognise the necessity for change. As frustrations inevitably give rise to "dis-ease", these aspects may manifest as physical or mental unrest and ultimately disease. Hence the importance of their associations in medical astrology. The only way to utilise these aspects is in a spiritual sense without the realisation of energies on a practical level. The only way to negate such aspects is in the acceptance of the experience which is being offered.

Radical Expression

Similarly, within the natal charts, these energy types must also be expressed. Those individuals with many potential aspects in their chart remain unfulfilled because they lack the motivation to achieve. Those with many kinetic aspects in their charts are either motivated to achieve or are propelled by circumstances to do something with their lives. Trouble arises in the latter instance when an individual creates resistance to the forces by refusing to utilise his potential, or by expecting too much of himself.

Most people have the combination of both so that the kinetic aspects are able to propel the potential aspects into motion. In so doing, as there is no resistance to the achievement of maximum potential, great heights can be easily attained. The kinetic aspects therefore supply the necessary energy to motivate the potential aspects into motion. This is in accordance with Newton's second law: a force is needed to change the velocity of an object, that is to accelerate it. When a net force does act upon an object it produces an acceleration in the direction of the force. This law can also be applied to the dynamic chart.


Astrology is about choices within our environment. It is about energy management and self awareness. If one makes a choice to use his potential, to manage his disabilities and to accentuate his capabilities, then life represents a continuing successful evolution. However, as in one who chooses not to listen to the weather report, one has none other to blame than oneself if he is caught unexpectedly in a cyclone or storm. Isn't it a shame to plan a special event without the consideration of the prevailing weather patterns?

Copyright, Alison Moroney, 1993

First published in "Astrological Monthly Review" in 1993.